MarySmith’sPlace – Meet Bandit

Bandit-03 (Custom)

Life has become very busy – something to do with Christmas, maybe? Despite the fact it happens at the same time every year I, as usual, have been caught out. Following the sunset poetry walk and creative writing workshop I’ve done a poetry reading and a book signing – and signed a contract for a new book: Dumfries A-Z.

Bloggers everywhere seem to be incredibly organised with lots of Christmas-themed posts appearing every day. I’m struggling to keep up with reading and commenting on them, let alone write some for my own blog. As for preparations for the big day – well, I have bought some Christmas cards and some stocking fillers and have a vague idea of what we’ll eat. Next year will be different. It will. It really will. I shall start preparations in January (not for the food, obviously)

In the meantime, I thought you might like to meet Bandit, the cat who owns me. She seven years old and a total diva. I adopted her when her first servant left the country – not because of the cat’s behaviour. He named her Bandit. We weren’t sure why until we discovered what a total robbing bandit she can be if food is left out.


Bandit -01 (Custom)


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