MarySmith’sPlace ~ #CancerDiary#46 #TheLastPost

The post that no one wanted to read. I have to tell you that Mary died at the back of 7am on Christmas Day.

She started her next journey peacefully, without pain or breathlessness and being lovingly cared for.

Despite Mary preparing us we are still in shock as I expect you will be. The support and love she received from you all was as amazing as her care for everyone she reached.

The DH

Notification of the time of the memorial celebration will be posted here along with a link to stream it when it is arranged.

95 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace ~ #CancerDiary#46 #TheLastPost

  1. The Mary shaped hole in this little bit of the universe will be impossible to fill, save that she left us many splendid memories. I hope the many you have, DH and your family will prove to be some succour in this incredibly difficult time.

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  2. Love, hugs and prayers to Mary’s dear familly and friends… To know Mary was to love her as we all do. We are all blessed by Mary’s 👼 sweet spirit of love, of perseverence and of hope that lives on within each of us. 💞🙏🙏🙏💞

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  3. Even though we all knew that we’d read this sad news one day, it’s still hard to realise there won’t be any more of those inspiring blogs. That must have been so hard for you to write. Thank you Jon her DH. Love to you and David. Mary will be remembered with love by so many.

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  4. This is sad news, and sorry for your loss. Mary taught us so much about beauty in the world, and happy to know she peacefully moved on ~ and such wonderful tributes from all those she touched with her words and kindness.

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  5. Mary was one of the nicest people I never met. She was respected and admired for her life and her writing, and loved by everyone connected to her blog. Thank you for being a rock of support to her through the good times and bad. Her legacy will live on in your memories, and her writing.
    Best wishes to you, and to all the family.

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  7. I am so sorry, DH. It is strange how bereavement such as this is something we all go through, though at the time it feels lonely, as though you can’t explain how you’re feeling because nobody can understand. But we do, honestly. Thank you for letting us know. Mary was a total sweetie. I hope it helps that her transition occurred without pain. Look after yourself x

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  8. Even though we were all expecting it, her passing still came as a shock. Mary will be greatly missed. I loved her books about Afghanistan and the tales of her father – My Dad is a Goldfish – and how she and wee sis coped. She was so brave, so compassionate and I loved her gentle sense of humour. Rest in Peace Mary.

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  9. Mary was a valued & active member of our Pilates classes. Like the ‘magic circles’ we used, there is no end, no beginning, our circles will keep flowing & strong in her memory. Her legacy lives on in her deeds and words.

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  10. I’m at ease with Mary’s painless and quiet leave-taking. Processing the consequences will be a longer term project. Upholding family from here, until the day of remembrance itself, when that can be a more personal endeavour.
    Grace and Peace.

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  12. So sad to read this. The fact that it was coming does not dull the sadness. We met at the Blogger’s Bash in London and stayed in touch. At
    The same event the year after, Sue Vincent, Mary and I had lunch and got an hour to chat.
    Both of them gone, now… Carpe Diem.
    She was/is a beautiful soul, and an inspiration.

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  13. I wasn’t expecting to see this on return from holidays. Perhaps I should have been, but it is a bit of a shock. As many others here have said, Mary will be dearly missed. I am so sorry. Sending love and light to you. 💗

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  14. Really saddened to hear about Mary’s passing. Mary liked my posts about Scotland and I really appreciated her comments and that she enjoyed reading them. Thinking of you all. Rest in peace Mary, love Dawn-Marie xxx

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