90 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #SilentSunday #ThreaveCastle #Photography

    • Thanks, Cathy. We’ve had such lovely, calm evenings on the walk over the last few days. This was taken from where visitors take the boat across to the island to visit the castle.


    • I’m sure there are lots at Old Bridge of Urr, Janette, It seems to be a particularly good year for primroses (and blackthorn blossom). I’m going to try to take another pic in the day time as I feel the colour sort of leached out by evening.


    • Thanks, Jacquie. It is a lovely place and we’ve had some glorious evenings recently when the river has been so calm it really has been like a mirror. Seeing everything burst into life does definitely make you realise how good it is to be alive.

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    • Yes, we really are lucky, Lynn (so why would you want to to move to a city????). Sorry, that was unfair. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The blackthorn lines part of the path and makes me think of frothy wedding dresses and cakes πŸ™‚

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