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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I’d been asked to deliver a creative writing workshop online and an online talk about the various routes to publication along with some marketing/promotion tips. I said I’d provide some further information – and here it is.

These two – free – events are being organised by Aberdeen City Council Libraries who have designed a couple of great posters to advertise the events. As live events can still not be hosted in their library building they have worked out a series of digital online events.

Participants don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes to take part. The beauty of online events means people don’t even have to live in Aberdeen and can sign up from anywhere in the world.

However, places are limited so if you want to book a slot, don’t hang around. You can find information about the events and booking details here.

I’m really excited about delivering these events. After so long in lockdown, it will be wonderful to see and interact with people. Even if we can’t actually shake hands when we meet, we can have a lot of creative fun mining for memories and planning book launches and promotions.  

64 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – Online creative writing workshops

  1. This sounds great Mary, I’d sign up just to wave at you and be an embarassment 😀 , but places are limited as you say and someone who needs your expertise needs one more than me! Good to hear you are excited at doing them, sounds like good fun!

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    • That’s great, Judith – it will be wonderful to see a known face. I’ll be asking people to mine their own memories – but of course when it comes to sharing. other people’s memories often trigger more of our own. Goodness, that seems a convoluted sentence!

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  2. I’m pleased to hear you will be doing this, Mary. I have no doubt it will be both enjoyable, and over-subscribed too. I don’t even have a camera on my PC., though of course there are those on my Tablet and phone. But i have never done a ‘video call’, ‘Face Time’, or Zoom. I wouldn’t even know where to start.
    Have a wonderful time!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I do a regular Pilates class on Zoom, Pete but someone else organises it and I just click a link and I’m there. The library service is organising the online events and I think we’re going to have a trial run.

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  3. Hi Mary , how are you doing 💜. I have emailed requesting to attend both your talks… I missed this email when it came in so I hope I am not too late …fingers crossed 🤞🤞💜🤞. Sending you strength and love 💜💜

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  4. Hi again Mary, I have a place on the second talk for definite, and I am third on the list for Mining Memories, if a place becomes available! I could kick myself for not seeing this earlier. But hey I am at least in for the 24th March. Hugs 💜

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  5. I’ve come to this rather too late but I’m certain everyone will have an entertaining, informative and productive time and I’m only a little sad and jealous… 😦 xx

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  6. For some reason, I can’t find a sign-up link when I go on the site. I’ve looked and no luck. Best wishes on these, Mary. (If you have time to give me some help in locating the link, I would love it.


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  8. Mary, not one but two events hosted by you! Wow! That is brilliant and I wish you a fabulous time! Seeing John’s comment I think I am too late to sign up -– I wish you a great time and enjoy the feeling of normal for a while. You will do great! hugs xx

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