19 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #SilentSunday #Dumfries&Galloway

  1. Beautiful. As always.
    Do you know the wood where there’s an otter pool, with a bronze (I assume) otter statue next to it? I was there in the 1980/90s, and I took a picture of it. Who knows where that picture is now….

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    • Goodness, Jemima, you won’t believe this but I have a photo of the otter on my desk waiting to be scanned. The wood is part of the Galloway Forest and otter pool is along what’s known as the Raiders’ Road. It was one of our favourite picnic places. The otter was a bronze statue but his head shone like gold because everyone stroked it. Sadly, it was stolen some years ago and never found – probably sold for scrap.

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      • Oh, no! What a shame. Hopefully adorning some rich person’s pool…

        Galloway, yes. I used to go up to the Scottish Six Day Orienteering Festival every other first week in August. They gave us mementoes of slate coasters each year, and I have Tayside 85 on my desk. I know I’ve unpacked the others and put them in a Safe Place. If I find them I’ll tell you the year, but 87 is a good bet.

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    • Dumfries & Galloway region is definitely worth visiting, Michael. So many tourists come to Scotland and head immediately to Edinburgh and then on to the Highlands (of course they are also special places) and they miss out one of the loveliest, most historically interesting parts of the country. I look forward to seeing you here one day 🙂

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