27 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #WordlessWednesday #countryside #photography

    • Thanks, John. No, not a mirage. The windmills are in the water. It’s called the Robin Rigg Wind Farm and was the first offshore wind farm in Scotland. The turbines are in the Solway Firth on a sandbank between Galloway in Scotland and Cumbria in England. You can see the Cumbrian coast in the photo. It was hugely controversial with lots of protests about how they would spoil the views and ruin tourism. I’ve always rather liked them.

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    • I wouldn’t dream of even comparing my photos to yours, Derek. I know my limitations as a photographer but I think they maybe do show that this isn’t a bad place to be during lockdown with some great walks and countryside. Kept me sane for the duration!


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