Down the Rabbit Hole of British Politics

I’m honoured today to be a guest blogger on Robert Goldstein’s blog, writing about the ‘rabbit hole of British politics’. Rob’s is my go-to blog to help me understand what’s going on in American politics.

14 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole of British Politics

  1. I left a comment, Mary. Just one thing, (as I share the same surname) there is no ‘T’ in the Prime Minister’s surname. Here is the full pretentious nonsense, in all its dubious glory. 🙂
    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks, Pete. I’ll see if Rob can remove the ‘t’. My fault. I always get confused with ‘ts’ and sometimes ‘es’. Hope you you enjoyed the post despite that. I always like to read Rob’s blog to inform me of what’s happening in America and he puts so much work into the research for his blog.

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      • Yes indeed, it was spot-on. I am not a Tory, but did vote Leave for my own reasons. Nonetheless, I would happily help to string that weasel Cummings up from a lamp-post!
        I have spent my adult life correcting spellings of my surname, so it has become a ‘thing’. 🙂
        Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Not everyone agrees about US politics. It is proven that the Russia interference used to impeach President Trump was a hoax.

    Have you seen the riots over a 5 time felon who was not the only one who died from a technique police should not have used? The USA is deeply divided between people who want us to remain the republic we are supposed to be — and people who want socialism. We are in a fight for the life of our country.

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    • Obviously I can’t speak about the situation in the USA but here in the UK – where we are also deeply divided on several issues – it really does feel we’re in a totally surreal world when the Prime Minister boasts about being proud of his handling of the pandemic when we achieved the highest death rate in Europe. And when the news reports on BLM violence against the police when there were no BLM protesters on the streets – and some numpty actually believes and says so on television that Churchill killed Hitler. I suspect we’re in a fight for the life of the world, not just our respective countries.

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