16 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace #WordlessWednesday From Rockcliffe to Castle Point

  1. What a lovely walk indeed, Mary. More interesting than my usual tramp around Beetley Meadows and Hoe Rough, that’s for sure. I thought for a moment they were claiming to have Admiral Nelson buried there. I had to enlarge the photo to check! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Alas, no one so famous. Actually, before they put the sign up I used to tell people it was a man from the Isle of Man who went on one last smuggling trip to make enough money to marry his sweetheart but the ship went down and his body was washed ashore. I still think my story is better! It is a lovely walk and you can carry on for a long way along the coast.

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  2. Wow! A beautiful walk filled with tranquility, Mary! I couldn’t believe the blue sky and wondered if my eyes were playing tricks! It seems to have been grey for months … this morning a thick fog! Thank you for sharing this idyllic walk and letting us tag along! The fresh sea air is invigorating! 😀

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    • I was delighted to have the chance to walk in sunshine under blue skies, Annika. By the time I returned to the car park, however, the sun had disappeared, hidden by big black clouds heralding rain. I was so lucky I chose the right time to walk.

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