MarySmith’sPlace – #Book launch #Successful

Keith Kirk and I enjoyed our launch party for A-Z of Dumfries: Places-People-History. I think the folk who turned out on a filthy wet miserable evening enjoyed it too.

20191126_185317 (Custom)

Our lovely, receptive audience

I was in my usual panic mode, convinced no one would turn up, especially as a trickle of ‘sorry, I can’t make it after all’ emails came in and the rain never stopped all day. The first thing we did when arriving at the venue was to haul chairs out and hide them in a store room so the place would not look too empty. Then, as people started arriving, we had to haul them back out again.

20191126_185258 (Custom)

Standing room only at the back

Keith’s granddaughters did a sterling job, meeting, greeting and directing people to the room then taking round the bowls of nibbles.

Book launch (Custom)

The three lovely helpers in the front row (photo credit Keith Kirk)

We kept the introduction to the book fairly short – Keith talked a little about the photography aspect, I read out a few of my favourite entries in the book and we answered questions before urging everyone to enjoy some more Prosecco. And, of course, we pointed out A-Z of Dumfries is a wonderful Christmas gift and offered to sign books.

20191126_185344 (Custom)

Keith and I doing our stuff

Since then we have done a book-signing in the museum on Saturday morning and it was lovely to see people who couldn’t make the launch come to buy a book or two.

Next Saturday, December 07, we’ll do our final book signing, which will be in Waterstones – just perfectly timed for Christmas shoppers – as long as they don’t have to post them abroad. I took in some posters and fliers plus photos from the book so they could make a display in the shop – ousting Billy Connolly from his advertising spot!

If you are in Dumfries on Saturday, we’ll be in Waterstones from 11am to 1.00pm

After that, we are available to talk to groups and organisations about the writing and photography process that went into A-Z of Dumfries – a fine companion to Secret Dumfries.

Book launch 2 (Custom)

A few people have asked about book launches and whether it’s worth doing them so after our last book signing I’ll put something together with a more detailed account of what we did and how successful – or otherwise – it has been.

23 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #Book launch #Successful

  1. Wow! What a great turn out. I have had more success with rainy day launches than sunny days! What better to do on a rainy day than attend a book launch/presentation. Congratulations. Your book would make a great Christmas gift.

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    • It was in the evening and dark and wet and I’m sure most people would have preferred to say at home so we are very grateful for the support we had. We’re hoping we’ve timed it to catch the Christmas market 🙂

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    • It’s scary isn’t it? I suppose we’d just have drunk the Prosecco and gone home – or the other way round. Yes, Waterstones is happy to have us do a signing as they do sell a lot of local books. They order in the books so we don’t make as much money as when we take our own author-discounted books to events. It’s still good, though and generates more interest in the book.


    • I meant the whole promotion effort for the book. The launch was great – the book signing at the museum not so much. Still Waterstones signing to go and then I’ll do an overview of what worked well and what didn’t. Thank you for being there – and Chris. I emailed him. If he didn’t get it check his spam folder. A lot of my emails go straight there.

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