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I’m delighted to be co-tutoring with novelist Margaret Elphinstone on a three-day residential creative writing course in November. I’m especially pleased that there are only a couple of places left on this one.

IMG_0001 (Custom)Based in a converted coach house at Durham Hill in the village of Kirkpatrick Durham in Dumfries & Galloway, the course runs from November 19-21. Topics include character creation; plotting; the role of narrative voice; dialogue and writing from personal experience. Maragert and I are flexible, though, and can provide workshops tailored to the specific needs of the course participants. Time to discuss their work with us is also a key component of the three days.

Over the last few years we’ve met dozens of keen participants on the courses and as quite a number of them return we must be doing something right – it can’t all be down to fabulous food, glorious countryside and the chance to meet the resident llamas! Can it?

IMG_0002 (Custom)



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