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As usual, I’m way behind – like the cow’s tail – posting about the 5th Bloggers Bash held on 15th June in London at the Grange Wellington Hotel. This was the same venue as two years ago, last time I went to the Bash, so it was good to be able to find my way there.

I’m a dreadful wimp about travelling around in London. Plonk me in the middle of Karachi or Kabul and I have no problems. If lost, just ask someone and they’ll direct you, or even take you, to where you want to go. Ask in London and the odds are the person is just visiting. As for the Underground! That map, all those lines. Glasgow’s is circular with an inner and outer line so you can’t possibly get lost.

Anyway, I arrived in my usual state of trepidation to be greeted with warm hugs by Sacha, Hugh, Geoff and Adam and within seconds there were more hugs and greeting from other bloggers and I knew it was all going to be just fine.

Sacha started the ball rolling with her welcome speech on this, the fifth Bloggers Bash (and my third). Throughout the day we had two interesting speakers, a Q&A session, a flatlay workshop and, of course, the ABBA award winners were announced. You can find a list of all the winners here.

The first speaker was award-winning blogger Laura Creaven

DSC02069 (Custom) whose blog Full to the Brum is a food and drinks blog focussing on eating places in and around Birmingham. Since starting her blog she’s been on radio, television and written for a supermarket magazine. She blogs about restaurants she has enjoyed eating in, including burger joints – burgers were mentioned quite often. I went to check out her blog but as I write this it is currently offline for maintenance but when it’s back, it’s here.

Author Gemma Todd (G X Todd) talked about her writing journey,

DSC02070 (Custom) which started with a childhood without books in the house but led to her being offered a four book deal with Headline Publishing. The books are in her ‘Voices’ series (she says she will never commit to writing a series again) and the reason the publishers use her initial rather than her full name on the cover is because some readers of fantasy/sci-fi won’t buy a book by a woman! Gemma’s blog is here.

Esther, Shelley and Laura headed up an interesting and helpful Q&A panel.

DSC02075 (Custom)

Then Suzie and Sacha presented a Flatlay workshop.

DSC02084 (Custom)

Suzie and Sacha

It’s a method of creating an image for promotional purposes. A collection of items are laid out on a flat surface with the photo taken from above. For example, it might be the book cover with an assortment of items linked to the story. Suzie and Sacha talked about Instagram which I don’t do but I can see how it would work on Facebook just as well and on a blog.

The best bit of the day, of course was having the chance to catch up with existing blogging friends and meet new ones.

DSC02093 (Custom)

Geoff presenting Ritu with the Best Book Blogger award. Ritu also makes the most delicious cakes!

DSC02087 (Custom)

A lovely smiling Shelley


DSC02083 (Custom)

Sherri, Ritu and Marje


DSC02080 (Custom)

April on the left in pink, Eloise on the right – and I don’t know names for the other three in this rather random pic.

DSC02088 (Custom)

Willow with the amazing sparkling eyes and Marje

Where else but at the Bloggers Bash could I be involved in a serious conversation which contained guinea pigs, time travel and technology all in the one sentence? Thank you, Jemima.

The worst bit of the day was not having time to talk to everyone for long enough. And realising, too late, I kept forgetting to take photos – and some I did take had a serious outbreak of fuzziness to apologies to Graeme – and thanks for the drink.

DSC02066 (Custom)

Hugh on stage

DSC02078 (Custom)

Sherri, Hugh and Marje enjoying a joke. There was a lot of laughter throughout the day.


53 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #BloggersBash

  1. It was fantastic seeing you at the Bloggers Bash again, Mary. I don’t know how this fifth one came around so quickly. It only seemed like last year that the first one was taking place. I’m glad we got a chance to sit down and talk after the bash. Although none of us sees each other in person very much, it was like being amongst great friends.
    Thank you for sharing your views of the day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Robbie, it was a really good day with much chattering and laughter. I’ve never had to change lines on the underground and would get myself in a total panic if I ever had to. Looking forward to seeing you in August for our mini, mini Bloggers Bash 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m chasing my tail too as usual…but got here in the end, no pun intended! Ha…really enjoyed your write up and pics, Mary…would love to remember what Hugh, Marje and I found so funny!!! It is overwhelming in London, as I was also to discover driving to Twickenham a few days later…especially as the hotel didn’t have our booking. Long story for another time. So glad you came, it was wonderful spending time with you, Mary and I look forward to seeing you again next year 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Sherri. I really like that pic of you, Hugh and Marje – it sums up what was a really happy day full of laughter. Looking forward to next year and meeting up again 🙂 Sorry to hear about the room mix up on your next trip. How was the Metallica concert?

      Liked by 1 person

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