Why The Bloggers Bash Is Like Bathing In Chocolate

Find out why attending the Bloggers Bash is like bathing in chocolate (I think Geoff shoudl have added the word warm before chocolate) – and why you should book your ticket for an amazing day with bloggers from all over the world.

The Annual Bloggers Bash

Bloggers Bash GeoffWhen I began blogging, nearly five years ago, I had one plan and several assumptions. The plan was to provide a vehicle for my writing – I had a book I wanted to publish and had heard that having a blog would be a good vehicle to ‘get my name out there’. I had no real idea how that might manifest itself and whether blogging was in fact the sort of thing someone like me- a novice writer with the conceit to think others might enjoy his writing.

You see, if I thought about blogging I thought about business people – serous professional people – producing serous professional stuff to a tight focused serous audience. Like the website at my law firm to which I contributed well researched, detailed pieces of dullness.

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2 thoughts on “Why The Bloggers Bash Is Like Bathing In Chocolate

  1. I once met a fellow blogger (and her husband) for coffee. She was living in Suffolk at the time, and after chatting on blog posts, we arranged to meet. It was completely relaxed, and she was how I expected her to be, and I was how she expected me to be. I think we could have formed a great friendship, but her husband’s job took them away. They now live in North Carolina, so I am unlikely to see her again.
    But if I ever win the lottery, I have pledged to travel the world, to meet a lot of my real blogging friends.
    In your case, I might just be visiting Scotland one day. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I love the idea of travelling the world to meet blogging friends as well as all my Afghan friends who live all over the globe. Scotland is definitely doable without a lottery win! So is the Bloggers Bash in London. I enjoyed it the two times I’ve been. I missed this year because of the trip to Canada but I’ve booked for next year.


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