MarySmith’sPlace – Meet Bandit

Bandit-03 (Custom)

Life has become very busy – something to do with Christmas, maybe? Despite the fact it happens at the same time every year I, as usual, have been caught out. Following the sunset poetry walk and creative writing workshop I’ve done a poetry reading and a book signing – and signed a contract for a new book: Dumfries A-Z.

Bloggers everywhere seem to be incredibly organised with lots of Christmas-themed posts appearing every day. I’m struggling to keep up with reading and commenting on them, let alone write some for my own blog. As for preparations for the big day – well, I have bought some Christmas cards and some stocking fillers and have a vague idea of what we’ll eat. Next year will be different. It will. It really will. I shall start preparations in January (not for the food, obviously)

In the meantime, I thought you might like to meet Bandit, the cat who owns me. She seven years old and a total diva. I adopted her when her first servant left the country – not because of the cat’s behaviour. He named her Bandit. We weren’t sure why until we discovered what a total robbing bandit she can be if food is left out.


Bandit -01 (Custom)


DSCF0901 (Custom)

DSCF0910 (Custom)

18 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – Meet Bandit

  1. Bandit is so like my cat, Muffin, who was my companion when I lived alone in a second floor bed-sit. Everyone in the house would let her in and out of the front door, but she would keep climbing to the top of a very tall tree and would not come down until I stood and talked her down for 45 minutes.

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  2. I love Bandit. We had two black cats just like him when we lived in Canada. You will have lots of fun with him. Never mind, Christmas will happen no matter what. I am off to Alberta in two days time to spend mom’s 90th birthday with her. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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    • Glad you love Bandit – but she’s a she, not a he 🙂 She loves to play and has invented several games. Her favourite is to get under the sofa and wait until I dangle a shoe lace or her string mouse for her to grab. I saw on your blog you are going off to Cananda for Christmas. I hope you have a lovely time – and I believe Dot will be well looked after (thoroughly spoiled) in your absence.

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    • She’s stretched out in front of the fire basking in all the praise she is receiving from around the world! If I go for the camera, she’ll run away – total diva. I will catch up but am slightly irritated to find I am no better organised than in previous years despite good intentions.


  3. A very good name for a cat. I haven’t had a cat since 1976. Something about the way that they ‘tolerate’ the owner, rather than act as friend or companion. Hence getting Ollie when I retired, and not a cat. Mind you, next door’s cat loves me, and seeks me out. He is called ‘Alfie’, but I always call him ‘Alfred Cat’. I think he likes my respectful use of his full name. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • It’s not a name I’d have chosen but it does kind of fit. I suppose, being female she should be Bandita. They certainly have a different approach to humans than dogs do. You have such a sense of being honoured when a cat deigns to indicate it quite likes you even if you don’t have a treat for it. I laughed at you thinking the cat next door respects you for using his full name – it may be so 🙂

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