MarySmith’sPlace – Sunset Poetry Walk

My collaborator on Secret Dumfries, Keith Kirk and I are teaming up to take people on a sunset poetry walk at Threave Castle near Castle Douglas.  It’s on Sunday, November 25.

With Threave Castle as a backdrop, we will lead a twilight walk along the banks of the River Dee.

Wildlife expert and photographer Keith Kirk will talk about the wildlife which inhabits the area and once the sun has set and it is dark he will enable participants to see the night in a completely different light with the aid of thermal and night vision cameras.

We will pause from time to time to simply listen and absorb the evening sounds and scents. Opposite the castle, I’ll talk briefly about its fascinating history and maybe share a poem or two. And we’ll watch the sun go down – or banks of grey clouds gathering above the castle. Either way, it’s sure to be atmospheric.

Threave Castle on the River Dee near Castle Douglas at sunset

Sunset at Threave Castle. Picture Credit: Keith Kirk


When we return to the visitor centre, I’ll be encouraging participants to think about the sensory experiences they’ve shared on the walk and write their own response to the landscape and season in poetry or prose.

It is a short walk on a well-defined, fairly level path from the carpark to the Castle Hide. A short stretch can flood if we’ve had lots of rain – like today – so sturdy, waterproof footwear is required as well as warm waterproof clothing.

Anyone coming on the poetry walk should also bring a notebook and pencil. We’ll meet indoors at the National Trust Visitor Centre (by Threave Castle carpark) from 3.15, ready to start walking at 3.30.

Booking a place (£5) can be done online at (no booking fee) or by phone: 01644 420 374

I think we might be ever so slightly mad to think this is a good idea – but it should be fun.DSCF0989 (Custom)

10 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – Sunset Poetry Walk

  1. What a shame I live so far away. I am a little undecided about some poetry, but I would enjoy the history, the scenery, and the walk. I really hope it goes well, Mary, and I look forward to reading about it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks, Pete. It needn’t be poetry. People can write whatever they feel moved to write after splashing through puddles and wringing out their wet clothes! We were asked to do it by an arts organisation and immediately said yes. I’m sure it will be a great evening – unless the weather is so awful people don’t turn up. I’ll certainly let you know how it goes, one way or another.

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    • Probably a bit too far to travel for a two-hour event. I think it could be pretty special with all kinds of evening sounds and smells. I walked round the route the other day and three whooper swans flew past – almost within touching distance.

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