MarySmith’sPlace – A play day with fungi

Feel free to identify in the comments any of the fungi you recognise – not that I intend eating any of them!

All photographed in Doach Woods, near Castle Douglas.

DSC00372 (Custom)

DSC00381 (Custom)DSC00409 (Custom)

DSC00416 (Custom)

On the left you can just see another fungus peeping through.


DSC00421 (Custom)

DSC00429 (Custom)

DSC00432 (Custom)

DSC00448 (Custom)

DSC00450 (Custom)

DSC00485 (Custom)

DSC00480 (Custom)DSC00433 (Custom)

DSC00435 (Custom)

17 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – A play day with fungi

    • Thanks for dropping in and commenting, Alice. No, I don’t fancy the red one. In fact I don’t fancy any of them. It’s amazing how many varieties there are in one small wood and there were several more I haven’t included.

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  1. Lovely photos, Mary and I wouldn’t touch the red ones and can’t identify the rest although some look similar to what is foraged for here….The Thais do a lot of foraging for mushrooms and rely on the village elder to identify them if they are not sure …By the same token there are a few deaths every year here from eating the wrong mushrooms. I always make sure if given any that I have seen someone else eating them first… 🙂

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  2. Nice shots, Mary. We have most of those around here, and I have posted photos of some of them on my blog.
    The Red one is called ‘Fly Agaric’, and is poisonous. It also gives you LSD-type hallucinations.
    The flat one attached to the wood, is known as ‘Horse’s Hoof’, or just ‘Hoof Fungus’. It eventually destroys the tree is attaches to, and can grow to huge proportions, often becoming so hard, it feels like a stone to touch.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks, Pete. I don’t know if the red toadstool with a flat top is the same as the Fly Agaric with the domed top. Horse’s Hoof is an apt name for the one growing from the tree – just what it looks like. I’m amazed at the variety of toadstools in such a small area of woodland and I have pics of others I didn’t post. I’ll have to take a book with me next time to help identify some of the others.

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