MarySmith’sPlace – Anyone for cricket?

I thought this week I’d post a short story.  I hope you enjoy it.

Anyone for cricket? cricket-150554_1280 (Custom)
Stella stifled a yawn, which she hastily tried to turn into an interested smile when Johnathon glanced over at her. She watched as he moved forward on his seat, an expression of intense excitement on his face. It was not directed at her, however. It was for whatever was happening on the television.

Stella was genuinely puzzled. The commentator seemed to be speaking in a foreign language much of the time and what he said in plain English appeared to be less about what the cricketers were doing – not very much from what she could see – and more about the weather and the state of the pitch. Sorry, not pitch … wicket? Yes, wicket. But then, she thought crossly, when Johnathan had explained the game to her it turned out the word wicket could be applied to all manner of things from the bit of ground between those stick things the men ran up and down between (strangely infrequently, she thought, as that was supposedly the point of the game) to hitting those sticks and being out – or even being not out.

She sighed, rearranged herself more alluringly on Johnathan’s lumpy sofa, and reached a hand to stroke his hair. He caught her hand, kissed it but kept his eyes on the screen. Her last boyfriend had been a footie fan. She’d learnt the off-side rule without a problem. Hadn’t enjoyed trailing off to watch his team’s every home game in the freezing cold. She thought cricket would be sunshine and cucumber sandwiches and Pimms at half time. Hadn’t expected to watch it on television. Nor realised she’d be expected to learn a whole new vocabulary.

Googly – the explanation made no sense. ‘It’s the legspinner’s variation that turns into the right-hander and away from the left-hander,’ Johnathan told her. As for beamer, maiden, jaffa, doosra, dolly and duck…

Stella sighed again. Considered her relationship with Johnathan. Gorgeous, he’d look amazing in that white outfit. But he was a spectator, not a player. Good in bed. Conversation out of it wasn’t great.

She turned her attention back to the screen. A man was furiously rubbing the ball – it probably wasn’t even called a ball, she thought – up and down on this thigh. Stella shifted uncomfortably on the sofa. It looked faintly obscene. Johnathan must’ve sensed her lack of understanding. ‘It makes the ball faster,’ he explained.

Ah, so it was called a ball. She’d got something right. She watched the man running towards the bit from where he’d throw the ball. The bowler (she was getting to grips with the jargon now) threw the ball. Nothing happened. The commentator was saying something incomprehensible about an inside-out shot. The players strolled around for a bit. Then, the furious rubbing started again.

Stella reached for her coat. cricket-3311473_1280


37 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – Anyone for cricket?

  1. Haha! I had two good friends who were cricket-addicts. As a very great treat, they invited me to attend The Cricket with them. It actually was a beautiful relaxing day with lovely food and drink and, as far as I could tell, absolutely no actual cricket occurring. I didn’t even try to learn the foreign language they were speaking, and spent quite a bit of time catching up on my email. All in all a wonderful day that I devoutly hope will not soon be repeated.

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  2. That made me laugh. I always like the idea of cricket, so civilised and sunny, but have never understood it or watched it properly. The last cricket we saw was a local match in the New Forest where the most action was a cow being chased off the field.

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  3. I’d have been grabbing my coat with Stella, Mary. Cricket has to be one of the most non-event games ever. I’ve likened it to waiting for the number 23 bus on a wet, cold Monday morning. I was once invited to watch a game at The Oval. Most of the people around me were asleep during the game. The most exciting thing I did was wave a piece of card with the number ‘4’ on it. Thank goodness I found the bar. 😀

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      • Apparently, you had to wave the card with the ‘4’ on it when the batsman scored 4 runs. I’m not sure why because, sometimes, the batsman never seemed to run despite the score increasing. There were a lot of people waving those ‘4’s’ about. I guess it was a way to wake the crowd up? Who knows. Finding the bar certainly helped get me through the day.

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      • Thanks Mary I am… been a hard couple of months and not out of the woods yet but feel like I am moving forward (to places unknown???). Thing about being Libra is the Scales always eventually re-balance. Thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well too. Are you still at the museum? The praise is well deserved you have an enviable lightness of touch that shows how much craft you have in your repertoire. I enjoy reading you not only as a reader but also as a writer, which is probably one of the biggest compliments one writer can give another.
        With affection Paul

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        • Thank you. Glad to hear you are okay and moving forward even if it’s into the unknown. Hope it’s a good place when you get there. I’m still at the museum – it’ll be the subject of my next blog post. All the best.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the story, Lea. Your comment about skipping the story because the title implies it’s about cricket makes me realise I should re-think the title 🙂 Others may have skipped reading the story! I’m hopeless at coming up with good titles.

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