Write What You Know: A Guest Post by Mary Smith

I was delighted to be featured on Linda Hill’s fabulous blog – lindasbookbag – writing a guest post on Writing What you Know. Do check it out and have a look round Linda’s blog – she reviews some wonderful books.

Linda's Book Bag


Earlier this year I had the privilege of staying in with lovely Mary Smith to discuss her book No More Mulberries in a post you can read here. I have also been lucky enough to read and review (here) Mary’s short story collection Donkey Boy.

I have so enjoyed Mary’s writing and she is such a wonderful supporter of Linda’s Book Bag, that when I heard she had a new book out with photographer Keith KirkSecret Dumfries, I just had to invite her back to the blog. Today Mary has kindly written a guest post all about writing what you know and even better, it’s Mary’s birthday today so happy birthday Mary!

Secret Dumfries is available to buy on Amazon or directly from the publisher, Amberley Publishing.

Secret Dumfries


Dumfries, in south-west Scotland, has a long history, much of it well…

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2 thoughts on “Write What You Know: A Guest Post by Mary Smith

  1. Nice to see your new book featured, Mary.
    I recall being told “Write what you know” by a teacher at school, when I was 15. I did just that with my recent serial of course, but I remember asking her at the time, “What about H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov then. Did they write what they knew?” 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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