MarySmith’sPlace – #Canada (part 2)

I got a bit sidetracked by the launch of Secret Dumfries but here’s the second post about my trip to Canada.

My two-week visit to Canada – specifically, Vancouver – went by like lightning as I tried to see as much as was possible in between visiting and reminiscing with my aunt. Here are some of the highlights.

I loved Vancouver’s Lookout Tower (which I first read about in Tess Karlinski’s How the Cookie Crumbles blog. I went with my cousins Grace and Helen. The lift takes forty seconds to whiz you 553.16 feet (168.60metres) to experience a 360 degree view over the city. Grace, who hadn’t heard of it until I mentioned I’d like to go, loved how it gave her a completely different perspective of her city. I rather liked that it took someone from Scotland to introduce her to this view of her city!

DSC00137 (Custom)

View from the top of the Lookout Tower

Grace and I visited the Burnaby Village Museum. It’s a 1920s village (which Canadians view as really old) with restored houses, shops, businesses and school. There was a rather scary teacher in the school who told me off for wearing nail polish!

DSC00108 (Custom)

At Burnaby Village Museum

DSC00111 (Custom)    DSC00110 (Custom)

Gastown is described as Vancouver’s most dynamic neighbourhood. It owes its existence to Gassy Jack and the saloon he built when he arrived in 1867 with a barrel of whisky and a knack for telling tales. Loggers and mill-workers followed the whisky and Gastown was named to honour Jack. Vancouver grew out of this rough neighbourhood. Today, Gastown has been cleaned up and is one of the main tourist areas with shops and restaurants. It also boasts the steam clock, Gastown’s most famous landmark. It was built in 1977 to cover a steam grate, part of Vancouver’s distributed steam heating system, as a way to harness the steam and to prevent street people from sleeping on the spot in cold weather.


The Steam Clock Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge is 230 feet high with a 450 feet span over the Capilano Canyon. I didn’t mind the height, or the distance across the bridge but having two-way traffic meant it did have quite a sway – and when someone stopped to take a selfie everyone got jammed up and the bridge did a bit of extra swaying, especially if impatient people tried to walk past the selfie-taker.  DSC00172 (Custom)

DSC00173 (Custom)

DSC00179 (Custom)

The nearest I got to a bear!

Most of all, this visit to Canada was about family – getting to know some of those I’d never met, catching up with those I had, like Aunt May and my cousin Janis, who I’d kind of hero-worshipped when I was growing up so it was wonderful to meet her again.

DSC00077 (Custom)

It’s going to be fun seeing these young members of my ‘new’ family grow up.

DSC00080 (Custom)

One of the most fascinating outings was to the Museum of Anthropology – but it needs a post to itself – next time.

29 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – #Canada (part 2)

  1. I 💕 Vancouver! Some wonderful memories—taking the funicular up to see the raptor show on Grouse Mountain, brunch on Granville Island, riding bikes around the park… I’m sure you must have had a fantastic time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the steam clock! I don’t do heights, the tower and suspension bridge make my stomach lurch just looking at the photos. And the swaying…..can’t even think about that 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    • My husband is the same. I went on my own this time and when showing him pics of the suspension bridge and the tower he said I was not doing anything to persuade him to go! There’s plenty to do at ground level, too.

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  3. Well, now I’m homesick. I was lucky to have lived in Vancouver for 25 years. I worked downtown for many years and often had lunch in Gastown. You visited some of my favourite places but there are so many more. Yes, you will have to return. Maybe I’ll hitch a ride. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vancouver is a fantastic city (even though I spent most of my time with no idea of where I was or how I’d get home if I wasn’t with my cousins). Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve one more to do on the trip. I have to start saving up for another visit as there is so much still to see – and that’s only in Vancouver!

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      • You really should plan a trip to Vancouver Island the next time. I know so much to see, not enough time. BTW I loved No More Mulberries and wrote a review on Goodreads. Excellent book.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Next time! We set out for Granville Island one day but were sidetracked and never got there. I’m so pleased you enjoyed No More Mulberries – that’s made me very happy 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and reviewing it.

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  5. Canada has so much to offer to the traveller Mary. Wish I had more time in Montreal a week was nowhere near long enough! Nice you are able to catch up with family there. We have family in Malaysia and Australia. Been a long time since I visited them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know what you mean, Marje. We’d need months to explore properly. Lucky you with family in Malaysia and Australia – get your passport looked out! I would love to go to Malaysia, Australia, too, but it has less appeal possibly because it is so far and takes so long to get there.


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